Why Evant

BusinessCrewAt Evant, we strive to create an environment where the individual is visible – the disability is not. We place the highest priority on teaching daily living skills and community integration – and upholding dignity to keep this concept flourishing.

The goal here is independence. We encourage our residents to be as independent as possible and to rise to the challenge of learning new things, with the guidance and assistance of our dedicated Evant team. We establish goals and skills that meet them where they are – and set a detailed, supportive game plan to get them where they can be.

Picture 1Belonging to a community is essential to feeling self-worth and value. Activities are planned every day of the month, both inside and outside of our homes. We are in contact with doctors, librarians, store clerks, musicians, and many other people establishing, vital relationships that continually feed the crucial communal idea and concept. Creating a delicate balance between daily living skills and social skills is an imperative – and we celebrate the successes it creates daily.

Everyone is entitled to choosing their own future. We are here as guides along the way, making sure as many opportunities as possible are offered and pursued. This along with upholding the rights of those we serve is how we ensure people are treated with the upmost dignity and respect.