Our History

Metropolitan Akron Residential Services (M.A.R.S.) was formed in 1975 due to the overwhelming need for alternative residential services within Summit County. Early homes supported by the agency were an alternative to institutional settings, where thousands were living, ranging from 12 to 22 people living in each home.

In 1992, new funding sources were made available throughout Ohio. The agency took advantage of these new opportunities and officially began a nine year downsizing project, with a primary goal to move people into smaller homes, with enough space for each person to have their own bedroom.

In 1994, it was decided that with the changing image of the agency, a new simpler name was in order – and the name was changed to Evant. Inc.

Evant’s first residence was developed in 1976 and over the next four decades grew to serve nearly 150 residents. Currently our typical home has four to six people living together.