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It’s a very rewarding experience when you can exness mt5 contribute your talents to a great cause. Over the past few months, three women with developmental disabilities have formed the Helping Others Knitting Circle to benefit a local cancer club. Peggy, Barb and Deb come together at Hattie Larlham’s Constant Companions day program and knit intricate blankets to donate.

“The club was designed to give the ladies an outlet for their talents, while building a meaningful connection with the community,” stated Summit DD Job Developer, Gary Peters. The club uses donated yarn for their blankets so there is no cost involved in their creation. The more that is donated, the more they get to enjoy knitting together for a great cause. “They’re always so excited when I come in with a big bag of yarn! It’s their exness metatrader 5 favorite day!” shared Barb and Deb’s Summit DD Service Coordinator (SSA), Dayna Jacobs. “…it’s a great way for them build their skills creatively and socially, all while integrating into the greater community. And that’s what Summit DD is all about,” Dayna continued.

Together, the ladies have over a century of knitting experience. Peggy learned how to knit from her grandma and mother at the age of 17. “My favorite part is trying to do it straight,” said Peggy. Barb has over 40 years of expertise and she shared “…I knit every day. It gives me something fun to do!” Deb also has four decades of experience. “It keeps me busy and relaxed,” Deb stated.

They recently hand delivered their newest batch of blankets to the Falls Cancer Club at their monthly meeting. “These great items will be raffled off and the proceeds will go towards the bills of cancer patients. The knitting club should be proud of their accomplishments as well as what the efforts of their labors will bring to our patients,” said Bonnie Severt, the President of the Falls Cancer Club.

The Helping Others Knitting Circle is just one of the many examples of how individuals with developmental disabilities can explore and discover their passion while making lasting connections with their community. If you’d like to support Peggy, Barb and Deb’s cause, you can donate yarn by contacting Summit DD Job Developer, Gary Peters at 330-634-8186 or email at

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