About Evant

At Evant we love our residentsOur Mission, Vision & Values – a Foundation of Excellent Service!

Each and every day – and for each and every person – the goal is to
make a continual, authentic difference in the lives of every person under
our care. Across our agency, these foundational guidelines established
from the very onset enable us to do just that – proudly and successfully
meeting and succeeding the highest expectations of all … yours.

Mission Statement
Listening to and supporting people with disabilities.

Vision Statement
Our vision is to support lives where the person is visible – the disability is not.

icon-2Core Values
Respecting, empowering and valuing their contributions, our value system is all about changing our residents lives. It is simple to see the foundation of Evant’s core values each and every day just by witnessing an individual smile, learn a new skill, or gain independence.  It is a truly amazing experience!

icon-3Quality service
To continually strive toward excellence in all areas by hiring skilled, competent staff – providing them with initial
and on-going training, and listening to them in order to achieve positive outcomes for those we serve.

To bring together people and resources, creating new opportunities and individual growth and work collaboratively with employees, families, guardians and the community to fulfill the Agency’s mission.

Caring and respectfulicon-5
To value people’s differences, to treat them with respect – and recognize that people are Evant’s greatest asset in completing its mission.

icon-6Value people
To create a nurturing, caring, supportive, empathetic environment – one that lives the “Golden Rule”. To provide on-going opportunities to learn, grow, and achieve full potential. To celebrate achievements.

icon-7Fiscal accountability
To assure vigilant stewardship of donor, local, state, and federal resources – and carefully adhere to all required rules and regulations.